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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dead Vibrations

(scott) Here's a killer hard psych EP sent our way, generously as ever, from John N.....this from the modern day psych combo "Dead Vibrations" ("Reflections" EP, 2016)......again more of that '10's sound that I enjoy so much, noisy and trippy and spacey......this is a pretty good one, recommend further investigation.


"Dead Vibrations burst onto the booming Stockholm music scene in April of 2015. Crossing the boundaries between Shoegaze, Neo- Psychedelia and Rock 'n' Roll, their angst-ridden guitars, thundering drums, and distorted bass take the classic reverb-drenched sound to a new dimension."

01 Drain/02 Reflections/03 Closer Closer/04 Desolate



  2. Awesome thanks never mind the bitches who taLK they are just mad your blog rocks with awesome albums.Screw them rock on brother!