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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dark Blue

These Philadelphia post-punk hard rockers have a new album out, and it is quite good ("Start of the
World").....some type of lyrical concept about a decaying USA here, and no argument from me, but truth is, John N has sent not only their new album, but their previous one, as well as their singles....this is good, modern day hard post-punk (I know I already said that, but I find no other way to describe it actually).....the singer's voice does get a tiny bit annoying, but overall this is stuff that sounds good to me, and fans of a certain type of rock will enjoy these.

SINGLE #1-01 Subterranean Man/02 Skinhead Wedding in Canberra

SINGLE #2-01 Just Another Night With the Boys/02 Hungry For Love

PURE REALITY-01 Never Afraid, Never Alone/02 Here on My Street/03 Dear Iris/04 Sounds Like Hell On Earth/05 I Can't Take Another Year/06 Hanging From the Chandelier/07 City Eyes/08 Always Ready to Leave

SINGLE #3-01 Vicious Romance/02 Delco Runts

START OF THE WORLD-01 Union of Buffoons/02 Be Gone Everyone/03 I Never Wanted to Hurt You/04 Paralyzed By Fear/05 You Know Who/06 Bombs on the Beach/07 Tired of the Poor/08 Western Front Academy

I was only slightly familiar with this band when they were submitted to me, I must say, I'm much more impressed than I thought I'd be.....these songs rock hard in a sort of strange way, and the lyrics are a bit out there as well....the concepts explored on "Start of the World", while not always hitting their target, still have's a good album, as is the previous one, and the singles are fab as well.......underappreciated band, at least by me up until now. Pretty good stuff here, thanks John N.


  1. part 1

    part 2

  2. both albums and the singles are in this single (well, actually split) link

  3. One of my favorite contemporary bands right now!!! Check out Sharkey's other bands Puerto Rico Flowers and Clockcleaner.