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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dantalian's Chariot

Let us venture to the carefree days of 1967 for some fab psychedelic rock, this time compliments of Dantalian's Chariot.......sent this way by John N, this band was the domain of future-Police member Andy Summers. I think this ("Chariot Rising") was their only LP, but I might be wrong on that.

This is Pink Floyd-ish 60's Brit-psych, really fun to listen to of you like that type of thing (me, I love it)......the first track, "Madman Running Through the Fields" is the best known track here, and it is a good one, no doubt a minor-classic psych single.....but I happen to prefer "World War Three", and there is some other good shit here, I advise listening to this one as a whole, to best get the's a dated hoot, actually, lots of sitars (from Summers), wah-wah guitar, goofball lyrics......everything that made 1967 psych great.......if you are a fan of this genre, don't overlook this one.

CHARIOT RISING-01 Madman Running Through the Fields/02 World War Three/03 This Island/04 Fourpenny Bus Ride/05 Four Firemen/06 Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud/07 Recapture the Thrill/08 Soma/09 Coffee Song/10 High Flying Bird



  2. I just spent the past week going through your blog backwards, and I feel, well, not as if I know you, but your openness, kindness and vulnerability were definitely a welcome phase in my own life, if that makes sense. Thank you for sharing not only a lot of great music, but your life experiences. I think I would like to contribute a Suburbs post at some point. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you.

    1. Hi Chris good of u to drop us a line, and I would love to have u submit The Suburbs post, or damn near anything else u may wish others to hear. I prefer submissions go to my email, over links posted in the blog comment section, as we can never be sure how many folks SEE the comment's ok tho to send em to the blog comments if that's what u wish, I will straighten em up if need be.....feel free to submit ANYTHING, anytime, and thanks for being part of our community

  3. What's going on? Links all dead/not active. Is zippishare offline or is it something else?

    Re accusation aimed at the Danbo Zombie. How could an outsider interfere with links?

    Re-upload to another storage like mediafire or mega perhaps?

  4. yes kev, to find an alternate service.....meantime, I am still here, red instructions elsewhere so we can dance around the nazi-censors for a while. Your a great reader Kev, and I don't want you going NOWHERE!