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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Nina Rock

OK, I know not a thing about this bunch, not a clue.....I surmise they are Japanese as their song titles are all replicated in that language, but other than that, they don't really turn up on the internet, unless YOU can tell me something about them.....but when did a little lack of knowledge ever stop me?  This is a five track demo, sent to me a while back by a long ago forgotten submitter (If it was you step forward and take credit)......there is some fair riff-rock here, a blend of English and Japanese vocals......listenable for certain, and I'd like more info if anyone has any to share.......otherwise, this short CD is all I know of this band.

DEMO-01 (Japanese characters that my computer won't replicate)/02 Kick out Rock/03 Royal Works Mix (perhaps the best thing here)/04 Kick Out Rock (Instrumental, it SAYS, but I sure hear vocals)/05 ( Same as track #1, also allegedly an instrumental version, sure do hear vocals on there, too, so whatever)......hey impress your friends with your knowledge of unknown rock bands!

I dunno if the logo I used for a picture here has ANYTHING to do with the band in question here.....I'll just assume it DOES for the purposes of putting SOMETHING up there.



  2. They are a mexican band, this is a link from theyre biography

  3. I found this tumblr with some records, enjoy

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