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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Scott's Garage Fuzz Blowout, Part 17

Letters Q and R get merged here into a 40+ track monster......of course, as I've said before, this thing is
incredible, and once I'm done, I have a WHOLE NEW Torrent, "Son of Garage Fuzz Blowout", just wait, it is as BIG as this one, little if NO overlap, and for TRUE lovers of Nugget Rock, you will be in 7th heaven once I get started on that one......stick around it'll be here, soon enough.....hell the current one is great enough, so enjoy the fuck out of IT!......Here comes Part 17, listening to it while I get it ready, we are lucky to have this fabulous collection, and the SON of this fabulous collection!

VOLUME 17-01 Q-65-I Despise You/02 Q-65-Cry in the Night/03 QUIET JUNGLE-Everything/04 QUIET JUNGLE-Make Up Your Mind/05 RAINDEAR ARMY-Subterranian Sunset/06 RAINMAKERS MOODY-Tell Her No/07 RANDY & THE HOLIDAYS-Paul Revere 250/08 THE RATIONALS-Leavin Here/09 RAUNCH-A Little While Back/10 RAVENS-Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl/11 RAVIN' BLUES-You're No Good/12 RAY COLUMBUS & THE ART COLLECTION-Kick Me/13 RAZOR'S EDGE-Get Yourself Together/14 REACTIONS-In My Grave/15 REAL LIST-Pick up the Marbles/16 REASONS WHY-All I Really Need Is Love/17 REASONS WHY-Don't Be That Way/18 REBBELS-Come Back/19 REBELS-Call Me/20 RED BEARD & THE PIRATES-Go On Leave/21 RENEGADES-Thirteen Women/22
RICHARD & THE YOUNG LIONS-Open Up Your Door/23 RICHARD PASH & THE BACKDOOR SOCIETY-I'm the Kind/24 RISING STORM-She Loved Me/25 RISING TIDES-Take the World as It Comes/26 RITES OF SPRING-Comin On Back To Me/27 ROAD-You Rub Me the Wrong Way/28 ROADRUNNERS-Goodbye/29 ROAMIN TOGAS-Baar the Door/30 ROCK GARDEN-Super Stuff/31 ROCKIN VICKERS-I Don't Need Your Kind//32 ROGER YOUNG-It's Been Nice/33 ROGER
YOUNG-Sweet Sweet Morning/34 RON WRAY LIGHT SHOW-Speed/35 ROOKS-A Girl Like You/36 ROY HEAD & THE GREAT BELIEVERS-Easy Lovin Girl/37 ROY HEAD & THE TRAITS-You're Almost Tough/38 ROYAL AIRCOACH-Wondering Why/39 ROYAL GUARDSMEN-Leaving Me/40 RUINS-She Doesn't Understand/41 RUSS KENNEDY & THE LITTLE WHEELS-I've Been Loving You

ANOTHER great collection, wait until the "SON OF" Extravaganza!!!!!!!!

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