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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Scott's best-ever Garage Fuzz comp, Part 18

Coming down the home stretch on this series (with the pending "Son of Garage Fuzz" on the near
horizon)....this is letter "S", which is a "big" letter, so this is a big file, 60+ tracks, with many faves like The Sonics, Swamp Rats, Smoke, Shadows of Knight, and many more.......this series has been very well recieved, and I thank everyone who has enjoyed it thus far, and I was quite happy to locate the new torrent, which will be the aforementioned "Son of" collection......haven't quite checked the "overlap" between the two, so I may doctor it up so as not repeat too many tracks, we'll see......for now, here ya go, another quite cool collection of lesser-known Nugget rock, which, of course, is some of the greatest music of all!

PART 19-01 SAD SACK SET-The World For Us/02 SANDS OF TIME-When She Cries For Me/03 SANDY EDMONDS-Come See Me/04 SATISFIED MINDS-I Can't Take It/05 SATRYCON-Leave It/06 SAVOYS-Can It Be/07 SCEPTRES-But I Can Dream/08 SCOTTY MCKAY QUINTET-Train Kept A-Rollin'/09 SELECTED FEW-Get the Picture/10 SEL-SYNC-Dirty Books/11 SHADES-ballot Bachs/12 SHADES-Gingerbread Man/13 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Taurus/14 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-I'm Gonna Make You Mine/15 SHADY DAZE-I'll Make You Pay/16 SHAG-Stop And Listen/17 SHAKE SPEARS-What Happened/18 SHANDELLS INC-Just Cry/19 SHANDELLS INC-Say What I Mean/20 SHER-LOCKS-Skin of My Teeth/21 SHERWOODS-I Know You Cried/22 SHY GUYS-Black Lightning Light/23 SILER BROTHERS-The Spring Thing/24 SIR LAURENCE & THE CRESCENTS- Flip Me Over/25 SIR WINSTON & THE COMMONS-We're Gonna Love/26 SIX DEEP-Girl It's Over/27 SLEEPERS-I Want a Love/28 SMOKE-No More Now/29 SNAP SHOTS-Hip Hip Hurray/30 SOCIETY-High and Mighty/31 SOMEBODY'S CHYLDREN-I'm Going Back to New York City/32 SONICS-Like No Other Man/33 SONNY FLAHARTY & THE MARK V-Hey Conductor/34 SONS OF BARBEE DOLL-Psychedelic Seat/35 SOUL INC-Stronger Than Dirt/36 SOUL SURVIVORS-Can't Stand to Be In Love With You/37 SOUND APPARATUS-Travel Agent Man/38 SOUND BARRIER-Hey Hey/39 SOUNDELLES-Can't You See/40 SOUNDS UNLIMITED-Cool One/41 SPACE CADETS-Nothing Will Stand In My Way/42 SPACE WALKERS-The Invader/43 SPARKLES-Hipsville 29 BC/44
SPARKLES-No Friend of Mine/45 SPIDERS-Dona't Blow Your Mind/46 SPIDERS-SPI/47 SPIRITS-So Sad/48 SPLIT ENDS-Rich With Nothin'/49 SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION-Freaky Girl/50 SPONTANEOUS GENERATION-Up In My Mind/51 ST. JOHN & CREW-I'm a Man/52 STEAMPACKET 2-Take Her Anytime/53 STEREO SHOESTRING-On the Road South/54 STERLING DAMON-Rejected/55 STITCH IN TYME-Point of View/56 STONE CUTTERS-
Fellow Slave/57 STONE CUTTERS-Mister, You're a Better man Than I/58 STONEFIELD-Morning Hours/59 STONEMEN-Favorite Colors/60 STONEMEN-In the Evening/61 STORY TELLERS-Cry With Me/62 STYX-Athena/63 SULTANS FIVE-You Know, You Know/64 SURPRIZE-I Will Make History/65 SWAMP RATS-Hey Freak/66 SWAMP RATS-Ain't No Friend of Mine

There ya go guys, another volume of great stuff......hope you all like it, it's (IMO) among the best style of compilations (Nugget rock, I mean) along with punk and power pop as listening to these style comps is so similar to an excellent radio experience......much more so than, say, stoner, prog, metal, etc.....nayway, not important, enjoy these 66 tunes!


  1. part 1

    part 2

  2. Thanks Scott!
    Absolutely loving these garage comps! Is there a Volume 18? I can't find it.


    1. This one is 18, I screwed's been fixed, but u did not miss a volume!

  3. You fucking ROCK Scott!!!!
    Thanks again!


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  5. Fantastic collection of Garage Fuzz. Thank you.

    I'm having a problem with part 1 and 2 here. Part 1 opens up as "Part". It's 82.8 Mb but when I click on it no mp3s are uncompressed. I tried removing the "cpgz" at the end of the file name and then clicking on it. Still no mp3s. Part 2 downloads as "Part 19.rar.Z01" As with part 1, I tried removing the "Z01" and then clicking on the file. It still does not unzip any mp3s.


  6. Please disregard my previous comment. I found that only WinZip will open a file with "Z01" at the end of it.