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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Shannon & The Clams

Every now and then I'm gonna drag out something like this.....not great, not a future classic, not even close....but you know what it is? OBSCURE rock that was part of a "scene" at one time....I'm gonna bet most of ya never heard of them, and frankly, they ain't THAT good.....but they ARE worth giving a listen to, it's second-line, undercard new wave , attempting, it would seem, to sound like 1983 or so, actual released in 2013..........the band made another album or two, this one ("Dreams in the Rat House"), is a pretty fair retro-listen, I kinda like it, listening from THAT persepective.......anyway, give this a try, NOT awful, also NOT great, it is "what it is" as they say (I dislike that expression, but so it goes)'s not bad, and it fits the format here (obscure punk) to a "T", there ya be.......the "retro-80's" sound is great, it works well, and there is a good chance you might like this one (I personally like the track "Unlearn")......simply stated,you never know what the fuck I might put up on a given day, but I hope (against hope) that I'm going about it the right way, with a (hopefully) smooth blend of rock n roll from each of the touchstones of my life.....I just hope I am doing a good job, believe it or not, I REALLY do worry about that kinda thing........

DREAMS IN THE RAT HOUSE-01 Hey Willy/02 Rip Van Winkle/03 Bed Rock/04 Ozma/05 If I Could Count/06 In the River/07 The Rat House/08 The Rabbit's Nose/09 Heads or Tails/10 Unlearn/11 Into a Dream/12 I Know

Not a classic by any means, but an enjoyable listening experience, and something just a tiny bit different? Well, yeah....I love stuff like this (that's why my stash is overrun with it), it's only rock n roll, my children, BUT, (usually) I like it..........