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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Iron Maiden Part 2

After that batch of the first 5 Iron maiden discs, they continued to trudge onward, knocking out a slew of
material, occassionally slamming home a stone-cold metal classic, more often moving toward numbing Blackmore Sabbath material.....still, they were kings of 1980's UK metal, and I have a bit, so let us here some more Maiden loudness, live, rare, and more to come later on........

SOMEWHERE IN TIME-01 Caught Somewhere In Time/02 Wasted Years/03 Sea of Madness/04 Heaven Can Wait/05 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner/06 Stranger In a Strange Land/07 Deja-Vu/08 Alexander the Gareat

SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON-01 Moonchild/02 Infinite Dreams/03 Can I Play With Madness/04 The Evil That Men Do/05 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son/06 The Prophecy/07 The Clairvoyant/08 Only the Good Die Young

NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING-01 Tailgunner/02 Holy Smoke/03 No Prayer For the Dying/04 Public Enema Number One/05 Fates Warning/06 The Assassin/07 Run Silent Run Deep/08 Hooks In You/09 Bring Your the Slaughter/10 Mother Russia

FEAR OF THE DARK-01 Be Quick of Be Dead/02 From here to
Eternity/03 Afraid to Shoot Strangers/04 Fear is the Key/05 Childhood's End/06 Wasting Love/07 The Fugitive/08 Chains of Misery/09 The Apparation/10 Judas Will Be My Guide/11 Weekend Warrior/12 Fear of the Dark

THE X FACTOR DISC 1-01 Sign of the Cross/02 Lord of the Flies/03 Man on the Edge/04 Fortunes of War/05 Look For the Truth/06 The Aftermath/07 Judgement Of Heaven/08 Blood on the World's Hands/09 The Edge of Darkness/10 2 AM/11 The Unbeliever

THE X FACTOR DISC 2-01 Justice of the Peace/02 I Live My Way/03 Judgement Day

More Maiden to come in the next week or so!


  1. somewhere


    no prayer


    x factor

  2. My son and I saw Maiden and Megadeth a couple of summers ago in Kansas City - recreating the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son tour. I will be the first to admit that the songwriting went a little weak after Live After Death, but since Bruce came back they are a MACHINE like few others. Great to see Maiden get some love!

    1. They hadn't played KC for a long time before that show.

  3. UP THE IRONS!!! I love Maiden!!! Bring on some live stuff or rarities puh-lease!!!And can you post some New Bomb Turks? By post Some I mean can you post a ridiculous amount of both bands?Thanks for Everything so far!!!