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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Been a while since I've posted Playboys

So here is another batch....if I read it correctly, I THINK we have the entire 1981 run, as well as some
random 82/83/84 issues that I happen to have on my hard drive......I love classic Playboy, hope you do as well, that stuff is as timeless as the music I try to get to ya......anyway, Playboy was/is/always will be a favae of mine, enjoy these and I will sometime soon post a bunch more of em for ya......btw, has ANYONE seen an issue of Playboy since they decided

to stop picturing naked babes? I haven't, but I'm gonna go on record as saying it is likely the worst corporate idea since "New Coke".......honestly, why would FEWER naked chicks EVER be a good thing? I mean, REALLY? EVER? I just kinda happaen to LIKE naked chicks.......



  1. 1981