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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Some Muddy Waters from the great John N

Bout time for some legitimate, major league blues stuff, I haven't put any up for a little while......well, it's the
great John N to rescue the day, sending us three fab Muddy Waters albums.....tremendous stuff here, of course, and thanks again to John N for the continued variety and quality that he sends this way.....lovers of metal/70's style hard rock, blues masters such as Muddy Waters (also Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, etc)......this shit is totally off the charts, I mean, obviously, I prefer the more modern hard rock, but this stuff sends a chill down my spine every time.........tremendous albums here, and I think there might be a bit more to come (JL Hooker, actually, tonight or tomorrow).......just stunning stuff, don't cheat yourself by missing these.

HARD AGAIN (1977)-01 Mannish Boy/02 Bus Driver/03 I Want to Be Loved/04 Jealous Hearted Man/05 I Can't Be Satisfied/06 The Blues Had a Baby and They Named it Rock N Roll/07 Deep Down In Florida/08 Crosseyed Cat/09 Little Girl/10 Walking Through the Park

I'M READY (1978)-01 01 I'm Ready/02 33 Years/03 Who Do You Trust/04 Copper Brown/05 I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man/06 Mamie/07 Rock Me/08 Screamin' and Cryin'/09 Good Morning Little School Girl/10 No Escape From the Blues/11 That's Alright/12 Lonely man Blues

KING BEE (1981)-01 I'm a King Bee/02 Too Young to Know/03
Mean Old Frisco/04 Forever Lonely/05 I Feel Like Going Home/06 Champaign and Reefer/07 Sad Sad Day/08 (My Eyes) Keep Me In Trouble/09 Deep Down In Florida No. 2/10 No Escape From the Blues/11 I Won't Go On/12 Clouds In My Heart

Trying to keep the submissions varied, yet, I care about quality as well....these three albums are tremendous in my book, hope you think so as well........great stuff here.


  1. hard

    im ready

    king bee

  2. Got to educate the kids! Great post here. I was lucky enough to see Muddy on one of his last tours, and he was just lethal.

  3. I was listening to Muddy Waters' "I'm Ready" only the evening and loved it. What an artist! Any chance of reposting the link for Hard Again? It doesn't work any more, sadly.