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Monday, December 19, 2016


And John N continues to work overtime to bring us the best in rock n roll and related......this time we groove
to the fab UK sounds of Slowcoaches, pretty damn good one.....I think somebody had already sent me this one before, but I checked and I haven't posted it, so here we go......this album (2016, so you know what that means), "Nothing Gives", is some damn good girl fronted retro-70's punk/pop, and it REALLY works for me ......very rocking, and always love me some punk chick vocals......this is a good one, see attached review.

London’s deadpan punk trio Slowcoaches release their debut album Nothing Gives on December 2nd via Leisure & District. Rightfully self-proclaimed as the ‘sloppiest tight punk band around’, the band’s sound is fast and often unpredictable as Nothing Gives showcases an impressive blend of fuzzy noise-rock and anthemic girl punk,courtesy of Heather Perkins’ angsty vocal efforts. Joined by guitarist Matt Dixon and drummer Liam O’Neill, Slowcoaches come together, occupying the spacebetween Mudhoney and Babes In Toyland in a chaotic 90s-esque debut.
Opening track Living Out kicks off the record in true punk fashion with a steady drum beat that builds up to embrace a plethora of distorted riffs. Ex Head borrows from the band’s earlier EP of the same name, while We’re So Heavy’s repetitive chorus of ‘I don’t care, I don’t care’ marks an infectious effort. Raw Dealings then strays a little from the punk-infused sound of the record, leaning somewhat closer to psychedelic grunge before recent single Drag takes over in an anxiety-fuelled anthem.
Thinkers takes a much darker approach, sticking to the album’s punk roots but incorporating heavier riffs and a much more intense atmosphere, while tracks such as 54 and Levity borderline on pop-rock influences. Drawing the album to a close, Surface Observations boasts a helping of tradition punk while the bleak and pessimistic lyrics of Total Block contrast the upbeat nature of the record.

NOTHING GIVES-01 Living Out/02 Ex Head/03 We're So Heavy/04 Raw Dealings/05 Drag/06 Thinkers/07 Norms & Values/08 54/09 Levity/10 Get Ripped/11 Surface Observations/12 Total Block

Might just be year-end material, getting to be that time, and that field is getting crowded, some GOOD stuff this year, the year end top 25 this year will be spectacular! 

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