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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Specials

This one was sent to me by John N, I really liked these ska-rockers back in the day, and, after not having
listened to them for quite a while, I'm frankly kind of surprised by how good and un-dated it really sounds today....."Too Much Too Young" was a great one, but "Ghost Town", "Rat Race" and lots more are really good numbers as well (It is a "Best of" collection after all).......this is the kind of music that I used to listen to mostly in the "best of" formats, I'm far from any expert on ska or anything like that......but this album does rock, it's really good, hope it either initiates a few new fans, or, at least, stirs a memory in someone of MY generation.

BEST OF-01 Gangsters/02 A Message to You Rudy/03 Nite Klub/04 Concrete Jungle/05 Too Much Too Young/06 Blank Expression/07 Doesn't make it Alright/08 Rude Buoys Out of Jail/09 Rat Race/10 Man a C&A/11 Do Nothing/12 Stereotypes/13 International Jet Set/14 Friday Night, Saturday Morning/15 Why/16 Ghost Town/17 What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend/18 Racist Friend/19 War Crimes/20 Nelson Mandela



  2. Great album. I saw them play about 3 years ago in Chicago and they were incredible. That was before Roddy Radiation left the band and John Bradbury passed away. Neville Staples had already left the band too.

    I think I have some live shows by them on my server too.