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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Some Free Kitten we forgot last time

I had to go back and check, last time we posted Free Kitten (during the period of Sonic Youth domination
of the blog!), I did NOT post either the EP "Punks Suing Punks", nor the full length "Inherit"....if you liked the other Free Kitten stuff, this will work for you, if you hated it, well, frankly, it pretty much sounds like the other albums.....hey don't be a "hater" as the less-than-MENSA-level children say......I happen to like Free Kitten, so when I discovered that I had a couple of albums I had not shared, I jumped to attention......really, you'll like these, provided you like Free Kitten......otherwise, well........

PUNKS SUING PUNKS-01 Kitten Bossanova/02 Punk Vs Punk/03 Coco's Theme

INHERIT-04 Erected Girl/05 Surf's Up/06 Seasick/07 Free Kitten on the Mountain/08 Roughshod/09 Help Me/10 The Poet/11 Billboard/12 Bananas/13 Monster Eye/14 Sway

Hope ya like these, Merry Christmas to all who venture here, for whatever reason. Even Dan.



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