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Friday, December 2, 2016

Scott's Garage-Fuzz Blowout Part 15, with BIG announcement

Well, I've been having fun with these Garage Fuzz comps, 100% great music that I got from a huge torrent
long ago....I posted it before, in a less-handy format, and doing it alphabetically, as I've been doing this time, seems far more manageable and popular. So today we go with what we think would be a lesser letter, "O", nut still we get twenty tracks......all great of course.......but the BIG announcement is this:

Yesterday I got an email with a link (a demonoid link....I thought demonoid was long gone, but it worked) to ANOTHER huge Garage Fuzz Torrent......As big as THIS one, if not bigger......Sooooo, the best thing I can think of to do is finish this one as planned, and THEN, I'll just start over, alphabetically, so even after I get through "Z", I'll be able to start up an entire new chapter of Garage Fuzz......really, a tremendous discovery, submission, and share, and you Garage Fuzz fans are going to LOVE "Part 2", as much as you are enjoying the current series!

Just stay with me, lotsa more GOOD/GREAT shit to come, for a LONG while yet!

PART 15-01 OEDIPUS & THE MOTHERS- (I Remember) How It Used to Be/02 OLIVERS-Beaker
Street/03 OLYMPIANS-Hopeless, Endless Ways/04 OMEN & THEIR LUV-Maybe Later/05 OMENS-Searching/06 ONE EYED JACKS-Love/07 ORANGE WEDGE-From the Womb to the Tomb/08 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-Got to Havae Your Lovin'/09 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-House of the Rising Sun/10 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-I Can't Explain/11 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-Soul Finger/12 OSCAR
FIVE-I Won't Be Your Fool Again/13 OTHERS-Buzz the Jerk/14 OTHERS-Revenge/15 OUTCASTS-I'm In Pittsburgh and It's Raining/16 OUTCRY-Can't You Hear My Heartbeat/17 OUTSIDERS-Summertime Blues (Live)/18 OUTSIDERS-Won't You Listen/19 OXFORD CIRCUS-4th Street Carnival/20 OXFORDS-Time and Place

So, at least I AM excited about the NEW gigantic Garage Fuzz torrent......once I get through with this one, I'll start the next one......hope I'm on the same page with you guys, this stuff has been pretty popular!



  2. Hey Scott, thanks for these Garage-Fuzz Blowout volumes; they have truly improved my audio existence!! Looking forward to the NEW Garage Fuzz torrent as well. All the best, Steve

  3. I just discovered this fine fine superfine series and have gone back to get the other volumes. Am I not seeing something or is there no part 6?

  4. Part 6 is there just go through the posts one at a time and you'll find it like i did