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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Acid Ghost

Another fine John N submission, this from Acid Ghost, who ominously name thier new release "WARHOL", it's plenty creepy AND arty, I'm loving the hell out of it right now, really good album.......more of that spacey/noisy/shoegaze sound that I love so much (YOU know that by NOW right?).....anyway, this album is tremendous, I'm listening this minute, it is fucking WILL want to investigate this one, it totally fits in with the amazing "future of rock" stuff that I (and I ONLY) see as the next "thing".....genius is often ahead of it's time, all I can say!

WARHOL-01 Life/02 The Artists High/03 Downtown SF/04 Dilemma/05 Right In My Mind/06 Mistakes/07 Letters/08 Walking Through a Storm/09 Scribbles/10 Henry ( Soccer Mommy Cover)/11 Solitude/12 Not the Same Person/13 Vulnerable


  1. link? Looks good Big scott. Just want to take time to thank you for the great music i've dfound here.


  3. you are awesome thanks