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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Divine: The 1993 12" collection

So who is up for some insane early 90's trans-disco? well, this is a pretty good one as those things go......I hope you know who Divine is (see: John Waters films, notably "Polyester" and "Pink Flamingos" among others......this is MUCH better than I'm sure you might be expecting, if you were  a fan of this type of  gay-disco, this may be for you....I think it's pretty listenable, and I thought it was high time I shocked with some of the REAL variety in which I indulge......hey I'm listening to it right now, NOT a disco fan, BUT this is a pretty unique and quirky find should any of you find this scene of, I can take small doses of it, really quite listenable once or twice and really quite likeable/catchy........see what ya think......this blog is about a LOT of things, and I am going with this one today.......thanks to John N for having the stones to submit this one!

THE 12" COLLCTION-01 Native Love (Step By Step) (Stereo Mix)/02 Shoot Your Shot/03 Shake It Up/04 Love Reaction/05 Psychedelic Shack/06 Shout it Out/07 Jungle Jezebel/08 Kick Your Butt/09 Alphabet Rap/10 T-Shirts and Tight Blue Jeans/11 Native Love (Step By Step) (Remix 2)/12 Native Love  (Step By Step)