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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ash-Live on Mars 1997

A real good submittal from John N, this forgotten Ash concert from 1997 rocks like a mofo, never heard this one before, but lordy be it rocks like fuck, sort of a a modern-stoner sound merged with some of the cool, still to come shoegaze stuff......really like this one, a soart oaf semi-forgotten-classic......a really good treat here, thanks to John N this is a really good rocking album!

LIVE ON MARS-01 Lose Control/02 Season/03Goldfinger/04 Girl From Mars/05 I'd Give You Anything/06 Lost In You/07 I Only Wanna Be With You/08 Innocent Smile/09 Oh Yeah/10 T-Rex/11 Uncle Pat/12 Petrol/13 Let it Flow/14 Jack Names the Planets/15 Darkside Lightside/16 Gone the Dream/17 Does Your Mother Know/18 Kung Fu

Super hard rocking set, just spectacular......don't miss this one is killer!