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Friday, December 30, 2016

My latest thoughts on this thing

Ok, I know I change course on this daily, and, I also learn from experience. I am officially scrapping the link/request-password thing, it's WAAAAAY too much work (for me) and  extra work ain't why I'm doing this. Volume 19 of the Garage Fuzz Series will have the proper link posted, shortly....also, in the unrelated fuck ups file, I will repair the link for Naked Raygun's ""Throb throb", which is simply wrong to a normal fuck up.....

Now, this "link deleting" situation.....after much thought, I think we may just have to live with it for now and see what happens. If i knew WHO exactly were doing it, I'd maybe have a few options, but I don't.....theses are not normal DCMA complaints, but I don't know if a regular Joe can physically perform link deletion, or complain to whomever, but I've kind of studied the artists deleted and the what shall we do for the short term future? Well, the Garage Fuzzwill continue,as will
the clash (and other) boots from any contributor, AND ANY DAMN THING ELSE that Brian, Jonder, John N, Jon S, Lewdd, , Cliff, Studkid, zigzagwanderer, Madame Angela, MD Milner, Max in the UK, and ANYONE I forgot......your stuff will be posted, as will most anything sent to me by a band, we've had some good ones before, Missles of October, Clouds Taste Satanic, and plenty of others.....I wish more bands would seek us out, I love when they do. I will also continue to post albums from my stash, and try to figure the pattern......I see that all the iron maiden, lita ford, Joan Jett, among some singular posts, are gone......they will not be replaced and unless you are a contributor I'll likely not send them....then we have new releases from New bands, this can go either way, and well play it by ear, but when I announce something from being released in 2017, you may wish to act fast, no rhyme or reason to the deletions of's  my fave part of the blog really, and I hope most newer bands continue to understand I am on their side. Some will never agree, I know, and this is not the
space I wish to use to debate it at the moment......

Ok, just continue as normal, maybe a little quicker if you really want something.......ill try, along with my team
of helpers, to keep this blog to the standard that I am somewhat proud of, I think we get some fairly esoteric stuff up there, it's great when we occasionally get "this one band" or "David Jones" or whatever, and if I get more I'll post and tap dance around them as best I can, but there is no question, that kind of thing is being shot down quick......

what do I ask of you (any of you)?  Well, trust me, contributions are appreciated like you would NEVER believe, imo they make the blog. Anyway if you have ANYTHING you want to share (and recall, it doesn't have to be music, comics, literature, magazines, hi to collections, artwork.......all has been featured here and well received.....but hell, poetry, recipes, short stories, original artwork........oh my, I so can only wish......but for now, while we are "at war", I guess, with an unknown enemy yet, the more submissions I can get, the better for us all.

Oh, by the way, Kaley Cuoco adorns this post, you're welcome, sweetheart, for the help I gave you with that little problem you were having.....any time baby, just ask.....glad to be or service. You left your panties here, I mail them, or just eat them?

Much love

Scott M


  1. Always the martyr

  2. Even know the meaning of the word? It certainly doesn't fit here. Perhaps another page was turned on the "word a day" calender

    1. Man, you really burned that troll, bigscott. hahaha That "word a day" scorcher gets funnier every time you use it. Next time will be even funnier, Oh I bet that guy thinks martyr means "a person who pretends to suffer or who exaggerates suffering in order to get praise or sympathy." What an idiot. Betcha his next "word a day" is NEEDY because you said

      "PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!"


  3. Hi This is Kaley. Please send those panties to the poster of this comment.

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