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Friday, December 16, 2016

Chook Race

(scott) Not one that is familiar to old Scott, but I trust the judgement of John N (and the rest of the team) to
send quality material.......John N describes this as "A garage-y, guitar pop band from Melbourne", sounds good enough that I'm gonna post it, and I haven't even carpet bombed this one yet......however, this blog is about new/different, old/different stuff, FAR more about the contributors than myself, and I will listen to this tonight, and offer my opinion......for now, be grateful that John N continues to send magnificent music our way......I'm betting on this to be another winner!

2012 Medecine 7"-01 Medicine/02 Pop Song/03 Playground

2014 About Time-01 Dentists..../02 Time/03 Always On Time/04 Clever/05 Outbound/06 Good For Me/07 (Just Can't) Relax/08 Everyday/09 Figure It Out/10 Tables Turned

2016-01 Around the House-0 1Hard to Clean/02 Sometimes/03 Eggshells/04 Lost the Ghost /05 At Your Door/06 Pink and Grey/07 Sorry/08 Pictures of You/09 Sun In Eyes/10 Start Anew


Okay, then....while I was upping these I gave a carpet bomb listen to these, pretty damn good, reminds me
somewhat of UK power-pop/jangle rock ca. 1985 or so....good enough? this is good enough stuff, you guys should enjoy it, and yet ANOTHER John N submission to this blog, Thanks John N, you are a GOD SEND! As I've requested both publicly AND privately, PLEASE never leave me, goes for ALL my contributors, I love you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. medecine



  2. Hello Scott, really fine band. I never heard about it. And i love poppy stuff like this. Big thanks to you and John N. And an x-tra THANX to you for your kind words in the reader list. Enjoy your day

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