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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Dwellers

Perhaps you come here just to dip into some obscure stoner rock, which is kind of how I started out, before
I branched out, but stoner rock is still one of my first loves......this band, The Dwellers, are ass-kick all the way, headed up by Iota's Joey Tosacano.....this album, "Good Morning Harakiri", released 2012, is really an awesome one, sounds, obviously, something like Iota, also maybe like Dozer or Wo Fat, that kind of thing, and there isn't a thing wrong with that......a really good album, rarely comes up in the rare discussion of classic stoner albums, but like I keep saying, wait 20 years and people will be slobbering for this stuff

GOOD MORNING HARAKIRI-01 Secret Revival/02 Blackbird/03 Lightening Ritual/ Ode to Inversion Layer/05 Old Honey/06 Vultures

All good stoner tracks, an hour you won't regret you spent listening to this one. Best track? Hard to say, all pretty good, I'll go with "Old Honey"......give me some feedback on this one, as you know I have a serious love of this kind of thing.



  2. I wish to thank you for this GEM! From now i'm searchin a Physical copy of this one... THANKS