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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Every Mothers Son

This is a John N donation and a pretty good one, this is a pretty much forgotten (at least by ME) band, the
band is best known for their 1967 release, "Come on Down to My Boat"....they also released two full length LP's in their day, both of which are included on this single compilation. Good 60's pop/light psych, you might find this one worth your while.....thanks John N

COME ON DOWN-THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS-01 Come On Down To My Boat/02 I Won't/03 For Brandy/04 Didn't She Lie/05 What Became of Mary/06 Ain't It a Drag/07 Allison Dozer/08 I Believe In You/09 Ain't No Use/10 Sittin Here/11 Come On Queenie/12 Rainflowers/13 Another Day Another Song/14 Dolls In the Clock/15 I May Be Right/16 Only Child/17 I'd Rather Be Right Than Wrong/18 Sally/19 Pony With the Golden Mane/20 The Proper Four Leaf Clover/21 Put Your Mind at Ease/22 Larry's Birthday/23 No One Knows (mono 45 Version)



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