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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Laurels

I think I will wrap up tonight (the Vikings are playing, were you UNAWARE?) with one more 2016 release, The Laurels "Sonicology"......submitted to me from John N a while back, this is the kind of thing that is right up my personal alley......spacey and noisy and JUST what I've told you that I personally think is THE "ultra-hip" hard rock of THIS VERY MOMENT in I've said, most of us likely won't realize this for a few years, but this stuff is what's up at the moment. Now, please understand that I am USUALLY wrong, but the (new) rock I've been listening to of late has this kind of noisy/psych/loud/shoegaze kind of sound to it, and it's something that WORKS for me......the same way Nugget rock did, and glitter/glam, and punk, and metal, and power pop, and grunge/alt, and stoner rock, and whatever other "music scene" has caugaht my ear over the years......I've posted (with a TON of help from my team) a BUNCH of this style of the most modern of rock, and I hope you are all following what I'm trying to me, THIS IS the music of the '10's, the ultra-great rock, at least.....maybe noone will realize that for ten years, but this stuff IS the soundtrack of the era in which we currently live. Rock N Roll lives, and always will in some form, rejoice rock n rollers, we'll always have some fresh new sound!

SONICOLOGY-01 Reentry/02 Sonicology/03 Clear Eyes/04 Some Other Time/05 Trip Sitter/06 Frequensator/07 Aerodrome/08 Hit and Miss/09 Central Premonition Registry/10 Mecca/11 Zodiac K

Good album, maybe or maybe not, perhaps year end top-20 list, we'll see soon I guess, but for now this is quite an enjoyable one!



  2. this is really good! thanks! I looked them up and they have another album.