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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Part 2

Been a little lean on posting of late, a couple of things came up.....gonna try to get ya some good stuff up to
day to make up for it.....first, let's finish up the Joan Jett stuff: Personally, I find "The Hit List" to be a very underrated LP, nearly on par with Nikki Corvette's "Wild Record Party." I really do enjoy most of Joan's stuff, we need MORE celebrations of 1970's glam/glitter, and Joan understands it better than most anyone.

THE HIT LIST-01 Dirty Deeds/02 Love Hurts/03 Pretty Vacant/04 Celluloid Heroes/05 Tush/06 Time Has Come Today/07 Up From the Skies/08 Have You Ever Seen the Rain/09 Love Me Two Times/10 Roadrunner USA/11 Dirty Deeds (Extended)/12 Let It Bleed/13 Love Stinks

NOTORIOUS-01 Backlash/02 Ashes in the Wind/03 The Only
Good Thing/04 Lie to Me/05 Don't Surrender/06 Goodbye/07 Machismo/08 Treadin' Water/09 I Want You/10 Wait For Me/11 Misunderstood

PURE AND SIMPLE-01 Go Home/02 Eye To Eye/03 Spinster/04 Torture/05 Rubber and Glue/06 As I Am/07 Activity Grrrl/08 Insecure/09 Wonderin'/10 Consumed/11 You Got a Problem/12 Brighter Day

1979-01 You Don't Know What You Got/02 I Want You/03 You Can't Get Me/04 I'll Never Get Away/05 We're All Crazy Now/06 What Can I Do For You/07 You Can't Get Me

FETISH-01 -Fetish/02 Handyman/03 The French Song/04 Baby Blue/05 Star Star/06 Love Is pain/07 Secret Love/08 Cherry Bomb/09 Hanky Panky/10 Coney Island Whitefish/11 Wooly Bully/12 Do You Wanna Touch Me/13 Black Leather/14 Fetish (XXX)

NAKED-01 Naked/02 Bad Time/03 Androgynous/04  Science
Fiction, Double Feature/05 Right In the Middle/06 Turn It Around/07 Everyone Knows/08 Baby Blue/09 Kiss on the Lips/10 Watersign/11 Tube Talkin'/12 Season of the Witch/13 Bad Time (Monster Mix)/14 I Can't Live Without You/15 Five

SINNER-01 Riddles/02 Acdc/03 Five/04 Naked/05 Everyone Knows/06 Change the World/07 Androgynous/08 Fetish/09 Watersign/10 Tube Talkin/11 Turn It Around/12 Baby Blue/13 100 Ft. Away/14 Bad Time

Later in the next week or so, some classic Runaways, as well as a repost of Lita Ford (for religious reasons as I worship this goddess), maybe even some Cherri Curry.......anyone with any Runaways-related rarities, send em along, a fave band of mine, always recall Rick Johnson's review of "Queens of Noise" in Creem magazine..: "These bitches suck. Girls are just sissies after all".......Joan, in a
reply letter:"Since you seem to think that all girls are sissies, come see us some time and we'll kick your fucking ass in (scott: Joan, PLEASE make ME that offer)"....Rick Johnson in response to the letter: "Go sit on a sno-cone"

Great fucking times, the seventies were.......the world will NEVER be such a fun place, ever again.......


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  2. Oops, the link to Pure and Simple is the same as the one for Notorious. Could we get a new link? Thanks for the great Joan post.

  3. I would also like to request a new link for the Pure And Simple download. Thanks

  4. Couldn't find "Let It Bleed" to complete HIT LIST Album.

    Thank you in advance