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Monday, December 12, 2016

The Eyes

(scott) here is a nice John N contribution, the (I think) complete works of The Eyes, a Stones-ish mid 60's garage rock crew.......good stuff, too, both the originals ("When the Night Falls", "I'm Rowed Out", lots more) and the Stones "tribute".......this is enjoyable shit, somewhat lesser-known mid-60's Nugget rock.....I love this shit.......this is some good stuff on this album, please don't miss, and thanks to John N this rocks hard core.

THE ARRIVAL OF THE EYES/A TRIBUTE TO THE ROLLING STONES-01 When the Night Falls/02 I'm Rowed Out/03 The Immediate Pleasure/04 My Degeneration/05 Man With Money/06 You'are Too Much/07 Good Day Sunshine/08 Please Don't Cry/09 London Radio (Promo)/10 Shakin' All Over (Demo)/11 When the Night Falls (Demo 1)/12 I'm Rowed Out (demo)/13 The Immediate Pleasure (demo)/14 My Degeneration (Alternate)/15 Man With Money (Alaternate)/16 When the Night Falls (Demo 2)/17 I Wanna Be Your Man/18 Not Fade Away/19 If You Need Me/20 19th Nervous Breakdown/21 As Tears Go By/22 Satisfaction/23 Route 66/24 The Last Time/25 Play With Fire/26 Get Off Of My Cloud/27 Little Red Rooster/28 It's All Over

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