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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Yu Feng

Okay, give a guy some credit......I found this CD in a stack I was going through, labeled as Yu Feng-"Yue Yu Sheng Shou" clue where it came from, how long it's been here, who gave it to me.......also as fuzzy are details about the band, coz I can't find ANY......I'm gonna assume they are from China (I THINK that is Chinese, I am unsure).......listening to the album, well, it's worth a listen, some kind of amaturish, sloppy, sludgy rock, english vocals, and an overall tone of perhaps some NIN/Ministry type cynycism......but I may have it all wrong........give it a listen, see what ya think, and ANYONE with information about this CD (maybe YOU sent it to me?) please come forward so we at least have a clue as to what we are hearing here.

YUE YU SHENG SHOU-01 Yi Cuo Bu Neng Zai Cuo/02 You Gou/03 Gan Qing De Zhai/04 Yuan yang Jiang Yue Ye/05 Wan E Yin Wei Shou

Hell for all I know the thing could be mislabeled, certainly doesn't sound chinese to these ears, but for now let's go with that, until someone clears it up (and someone WILL).....btw I have no clue as to who that is in the picture either, hey I took a shot.



  2. Cantonese pop from July 2013 according to this;

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