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Thursday, December 22, 2016

What Do Ya Know? More Clash Boots

Another batch from Lewdd's deep bootleg stash, as always, be advised that the sound quality on these may
vary greatly......he archives all shows, as we've discussed before.....we're up to 1981 with the Clash now, likely some of these have a sameness to them......but it IS The Clash. We make allowances for some.

BARCELONA 4/27/81-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 This is Radio Clash/04 Train In Vain/05 Washington Bullets/06 The Leader/07 Ivan Meets GI Joe/08 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/09 Clampdown/10 Guns of Brixton/11 Lightning Strikes/12 Corner Soul/13 Bankrobber/14 Somebody Got Murdered/15 Magnificent Seven/16 One More Time/17 Spanish Bombs/18 Brand New Cadillac/19 Street Parade/20 Charlie Don't Surf/21 Janie Jones/22 London's Burning/23 White Riot/24 Armagideon Time/25 Let's Go Crazy

MOGADOR PARIS 9/26/81-01 Broadway/02 One More Time/03 This is Radio Clash/04 Know Your Rights/05 Guns of Brixton/06 Charlie Don't Surf/07 Magnificent Seven/08 Train In Vain/09 Ivan Meets GI Joe/10 Clash City Rockers/11 Koka Kola/12 Bankrobber/13 The Leader/14 Washington Bullets/15 Ghetto Defendant/16 Grafitti Rap/17 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/18 I Fought the Law/19 Clampdown/20 Somebody Got Murdered/21 London Calling/22 Police & Thieves/23 Safe European Home/24 Jimmy Jazz/25 Janie Jones/26 White Riot

MOGADOR PARIS-UP AND AT EM-9/30/81-01 Somebody Got Murdered/02 This is Radio Clash/03 Know Your Rights/04 The Escapades of Futura 2000/05 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/06 Magnificent Seven/07 Ghetto Defendant/08 Overpowered By Funk/09 Inoculated City/10 Hit the Road Jack

LYCEUM LONDON-10/21/81 DISC 1-01 Walk On/Air Raid Sirens/02  Broadway/03 One More Time/04 Know Your Rights/05 Guns of Brixton/06 Train In Vain/07 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/08  Magnificent Seven/09 Wrong Em Boyo/10 Clash City Rockers/11 Koka Kola/12 Ivan Meets GI Joe

LYCEUM LONDON-10/21/81 DISC 2-01 Junco Partner/02 The Leader/03 I Fought the Law/04  Charlie
Don't Surf/05 Somebody Got Murdered/06 London Calling/07 Clampdown/08 This is Radio Clash/09 Career Opportunities/10 Armagideon Time/11 Julie's In the Drug Squad/12 Stay Free/13  Safe European Home/14  Police & Thieves/15 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/16 Grafitti Rap (Futura 2000)/17 Janie Jones/18 Brand New Cadillac/19 London's Burning/20 Complete Control


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