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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


A good submission from John N, a lesser-known (to me at least) 1960's psych band, Graffiti released (I think) only this one LP in's pretty fair, I think I have it in my stash somewhere, John N sent me this copy......mellow-ish, California-style late 60's psych.......worth a listen, worth a listen......might remind you of Quicksilver, or God knows whom else.....not an essential album, but not everything needs to be.......the price is right, check out some fairly good late 60's psych rock here......not bad, really, not at all.

GRAFFITI-01 Father Protctor/02 The Capture of Me-Life Blood/03 Jingle Jangle Woman/04 New Life-Girl On Fire-Cold Water-Love In Spite/05 Ugly Mascara/06 He's Got the Knack

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