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Monday, December 19, 2016

Black Moon Circle

Here's why we come here, for the most part, I guess.....heavy-ass stoner rock has always been my staple,
and John N sends in a fine bunch of stuff from Black Moon Circle.....heavy, spacey stoner rock, the way its supposed to be.......from Norway, often a good thing, and these discs are REALLY good, Sabbath-ish stuff with modern 2010's stoner rock, really fab downer rock here........check these out, it might be their entire discography, unsure, but DO play loud as this is the stuff that I love, and I know many of you do as well!

BLACK MOON CIRCLE (2014)-01 Plains/02 American Eagle/03 Enigmatic Superbandit

ANDROMEDA (2014)-01 The Machine on the Hill/02 Jack's Cold Sweat/03 Supernova/04 Dragon/05 Andaromeda

STUDIO JAMS VOLUME 1 YELLOW NEBULA (2015)-01 Closed Loop Circuit/02 Sea of Vapors/03 Yellow Nebula

(OK a little tricky here, let me try to explain....the three discs above are combined to one link, however, that one link needed split due to zippy's size limits......thus the first TWO links below will get you these three wonderful discs.The links are referred to as BMC 1a and 1b)

SEA OF CLOUDS (2016)-01 Lunar Rocket/02 The Magnificent
Dude/03 Moondog/04 Warp Speed

STUDIO JAMS VOLUME 2 SERPENT (2016)-01 The Head/02 The Tail

(Again, these discs are combined to one link, referred to as BMC 2

LIVE AT CAFE MIR, OSLO 6/14/14-01 Plains/02 Jack's Cold Sweat/03 Andromeda Jam/04 American Eagle/05 Jam/Enigmatic Superbandit

STONE COLD KILLER-(from a split 7" with Reptile Master) 01 Stone Cold Killer

I have heard these before, but somehow forgotten about them.....big mistake, these are ALL tremendous, this is the great heavy stoner rock sound of the 00's-10's, just fantastic stuff in my opinion, don't miss...Mark Eveleigh, haven't heard from you for a while brother, but if this isn't up your alley, nothing is, you will love this like I do (if you aren't already hip to it)


  1. BMC 1a

    BMC 1b

    BMC 2



  2. discogs and bandcamp, this the complete BMC +++ a live release not listed in either location!

  3. playing first song on Andromeda -- this is some terrific psychedelic rock -- cool post, thanks

  4. links for BMC 1b


    BMC 2

    are the same.

  5. Finally I managed to unzip this CHAOS ... worth the strife!

  6. Hi Scott,
    Can you fix the link for BMC 2 please?
    Thank you very much