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Monday, December 12, 2016

Another band that is BIG TIME.......

We have another newer band that has requested removal of their material from the blog. It is the past, I'd simply make fun of the band and never hear of them again, this one, well......this I thought was a REALLY good album.....and I said so, praised the hell out of's REALLY tremendous, and to cement that notion, over 200 peeps downloaded it before it was removed. So, I apologize to the band, I didn't ralize you wanted FEWER people to hear your music......some bands prefer EXPOSURE, it's all in the eye of the beholder. Good album though, I think we REALLY could have helped you spread it around a good bit (especially with the type of music that I (scott) personally prefer, it was tailor-made for this blog) problems though, I'll ask that those 200+ DL'ers PLEASE delete the files and DO NOT listen to this's my bad, I thought it would be ok, but, sometimes you never know.

Best of luck to you, "band".  I hope your "BIG TIME" opinion of yourselves equates to "BIG TIME" success for you, and just as few listeners as you desire, I hope you receive even FEWER!

1 comment:

  1. lol stupid corporate stooges who fail to realise that someone like me would have never heard of them if not for this blog and if I like the album I downloaded i would make an effort to bui it or another album somewhere down the track plus if i ever saw their name on a gig notice in mi citi i would recognise the name and be more inclined to go to the gig. As the Japs sai these guis are baka!