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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

An MD Milner Submission

(scott)-MD Milner has been around here for a while, I know he's a Sleater Kinney fan as am I, so he'll be
happy to see the (soon) upcoming Wild Flag boots I have in the works......for now though, he sends us a fab show of Miles Davis, Japan, 1964......I'll let him describe it, sounds good to me (I DO like Miles Davis shit, jazz of that type is damn near comparable to some crazy-psych)....anyway, thanks MD, please continue to submit......don't quit, don't ever quit, because I'm not going to.
Hey Scott,

Thanks for posting that boot and the kind words. And I'm not completely sure what's happening at the site (did you piss off a band so much they're DMCAing everything you post?), it sucks to hear you're having trouble, too.
Anyway, here's something that's cool and shouldn't give you any trouble: a Miles Davis gig in Japan from 1964. It's nice sounding - although not as good as the record they released of another show from this tour - and there's some killer players on this: Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams and Sam Rivers. And, since it's a recording that's both over 50 years old and unreleased, I believe it's in the public domain, which should keep you from getting in trouble with this.

MILES DAVIS JAPAN 1964-01 If I Were a Bell/02 Oleo/03 Stella By Starlight/04 Walkin'/05 All of You/06 Seven Steps to Heaven

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