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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Super Unison

I thought I might have already posted this one, but my investigation seems to tell me I haven't......this is some
pretty fab retro-70's Bay Area punk rock (2016) sent to me by the legend that is John N a little while back, while not destined for classics status, if you love shit like X-Ray Spex or The Modettes or The Raincoats, this kind of harkens to that sound, and FUCK you know I love that shit anyway.......pretty hard rocking album, and with a screaming chick at the front of it, well, what more could one want? Pretty good one for the punk lovers like meself, see what the rest of ya might think, but I think it's pretty damn good, and I am always glad that I have John N on my team with his seemingly endless supply of killer albums to share with the world! He's a national treasure, nothing short of that.

AUTO-01 Prove Yourself/02 Keeper/03 Losing You/04 You Don't Tell Me/05 Luxury/06 Time & Distance/07 Muted/08 Broken/09 What Are You Going to Do/10 Don't Look Up/11 Everything/12 Auto

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