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Friday, December 2, 2016


A submission from John N that I've had here for a while, been meaning to get this up, it's pretty fair.....I'm not especially familiar with Crocodiles, apparently they are a duo from the San Diego area, and this is their sixth (!) album.....kind of dreamy alt-pop, this album is pretty good (listening now), some sort-of retro electronic beats, trippy vocals/lyrics......I like it. Merits further investigation, I think.

DREAMLESS-01 Telepathic Lover/02 Maximum Penetration/03 Welcome to Hell/04 I'm Sick/05 Go Now/06 Alita/07 Jumping on Angels/08 Time to Kill/09 Jailbird/10 Not Even In Your Dreams

This is a good one, I do recommend it.........



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