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Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Berlin album you may not know

I always liked Berlin, in particular that first album with "The Metro", "Sex (I'm A)", M
"Masquarade" and more, it's a great is a later one from 1982 entitled "Young Warrior".....this is a good album as well, not as good as the debut, but criminally underappreciated....this is a good, and fairly unknown early 80's power pop/synth rock album, it is worth a classic, by any means.....(DOES remind me that I should get some of my live Berlin stuff put up soon, Terri Nunn was quite a vixen live....anyway, she doesn't seem to appear on this album, although it is still worth at least a single listen....give it a try.....

YOUNG WARRIOR-01 Nervous/02 There's Always a Danger/03 Young Warrior/04 Walking With the Shadows/05 All For One/06 Strange Love/07 My World Is Empty Without You/08 I Don't Want to Think About It/09 Waiting For Night/10 Real Love

Something of a guilty pleasure for me, this sounds nothing like the "Terri Nunn" Berlin, BUT it's still a good listen, and a fine early 80's period piece......I really like it, we just need to think of two "different" Berlins, and they might both be worth our time!



  2. omg big scott i love berlin I've got pleasure victims, love life & count Three & pray but I didn't even know this one existed.

  3. If I remember correctly, these guys were Canadian (used to be known as Teddy Boy) and got sued by the Berlin we know and love when they tried to come into the US market as "Berlin"