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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sorry for the inconvenience let's streamline this a bit again

OK, I experimented with emailing links to the readers on a request basis, I think it worked OK.......BUT it is is kind of a pain in the ass for ME, so we're going to try these new steps, please follow the instructions below:

1) I am going to continue to post as I have in the past, ie using guest submissions and whatever else I happen to feel like using. If i say "quick", and you see that, there is a reason for it.

2) IF and only if, a link is me at the password you already have, or request a new one, and then request the link by title (no more link #'s)......example: "Scott Dick Head's Greatest Hits is deleted, can you send the link?" I will wait a day or two, and send anyone asking the link.......then, FEEL FREE TO SHARE IT WITH WHOMEVER YOU WISH, fine by me.

3) IMPORTANT: This does NOT REFER to links posted before TODAY........I'm not reupping dozens of links from months/years ago, too much work (unless you send me something, then it's different)......this is for NEWLY DELETED, stuff like "Zimmerman", "David Jones" "This One Band" and folks like that that I have already danced around will be by request ONLY, we'll see how that happens when it happens, but I think someone has "finally" figured out my "code" (not that it didn't take several months for them to do so)'ll see when it happens.

4) To as before......if the link is disabled, tell me at once, along with your request for a replacement the next day or two you will recieve one, (I want to send out only 1 or two batches of each link should I need to, rather than several per day)..........

5) I am in this long term.......if they destroy this blog, so be it, but for NOW, if there is music on this site you want, that is why I SHARE it, and if Big Brother/President Snow wishes to get in the way, I will do my best to still get the music to you until they FINALLY kill the blog (then we'll start a new one perhaps).....

ROCK ON ROCK ON ROCK ON........I'm doing this for ALL OF YOU FOLKS. I'm NOT going to be
dicked around. I've offered up my email AND telephone number for ANYONE wishing to discuss the situation like a MAN, total responses to this inquiry: ZERO. shocking.......I want us all to get along. Some don't see that as a goal, however, so for a while we may have do dance around morons who simply don't get the modern world, and feel that, for some reason, they have some type of jurisdiction over this blog.

Download freely........if unavailable, (NEW LINKS ONLY!) let me know and you will be taken care of. I give you my word. This blog and this music means a LOT to me, and I won't go without a fight.

Sarah Chalke will be decorating this evening's post, thank you for everything baby.


  1. you are fucking awesome

  2. Got to agree with the comment above, if I knew how to help stop the git who is deleting the links then I would offer you the solution but I don't. Love your blog and you have made me listen to music I would never have given the time of day. A lot of people appreciate what you do and the hard work, effort and passion you put in. I read a comment you posted and yes your correct if you don't like the content then go elsewhere.

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