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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Place of Skulls

And let us wrap up today with some of that great heavy stoner rock that you know I dig so much, this band has a few albums out, but I happen to own/be familiar with on this one, thier second from 2003, "With Vision".......quite good though, in line with the stoner rock sounds of that era (sounds insane to refer to 2003 as part of any "era", but actually at this late day, I'd contend it likely does).

This band comes to us from Knoxville Tennessee and is one of a handful of cool stoner bands that has been headed up at some point by Scott "Wino" Weinrich, no longer, but the sound is still the classic early 00's stoner groove: loud, noisy, heavy, quasi-blues know I LOVE this stuff, certainly not dissing them with the short summarization, besides, I don't know much of anything else about the band, they have a handful of other albums out there but this is the only one I've heard. I don't know if my stoner-rock go-to guy in Canada Mark Eveliegh is still out there, but if you are Mark, any Place of Skulls in your stash? At very lest they merit a bit of further investigation.

WITH VISION-01 Last Hit/02 With Vision/03 Long Lost Grave/04 Nothing Changes/05 Dimensional Sojourn/06 In Rest/07 Silver Cord Breaks/08 Willfully Blind/09 Dissonant Dissident/10 The Monster/11 The Watchers/12 Lost



  2. DUDE - Victor Griffin of Pentagram on the riffs, yo.
    This is his band. Wino jumped in for the second album only.
    "The Black Is Never Far" is the gem in their discography...