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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Johnny Cash Tribute album

As far from a country music fan as one can be is how I would describe myself. However, in life, when we dislike something as much as I dislike country music in general, we often find exceptions to our thinking.....a fine example of that would be, with me, Johnny, I never have enjoyed listening to his stuff.....just doesn't appeal to me......but what a cool fucking guy, hell cool enough to be covering Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden, among others. He was open minded, he fit the mold of the "dangerous/threatening" music I've always thought fondly of......and, as you'll see here, not only has he always been capable of taking rock songs and making them his "own", (his version of "Hurt' DAMN NEAR cuts Nine Inch Nails' version), BUT the reverse is true as well.....rock bands can take his material and make it work in thier context.

Often I dislike tribute efforts as I have said before.....this one really works, at least following MY reasoning....see what you think, I really liked it.

AN INTERNATIONAL TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY CASH-01 BULLIES-Don't Take Your Guns to Town/02 JUDASVILLE-Delia's Gone/03 RENO DIVORCE-Guess Things happen That Way/04 PETER PAN SPEEDROCK-Ghost Riders In the Sky/05 EMSCHURKURVE 77-San Quentin/06 DISCHARGER-City of New Orleans/07 PUG UGLIES-Folsom Prison Blues/08 7ER JUNGS-long Black Veil/09 DEAD 50'S-Understand Your Man/10 SOUTHERN WAY-The Highwayman/11 COUCHDIVERS-Thing Called Love/12 BANNER OF THUGS-Redemption/13 SOCIAL COMBAT-Country Boy/14 SPRINGTOIFEL-Cafe Glitterbick (I Got Stripes)/15 FLOFFGIRL-Tennessee Flat Top Box/16 HATEFUL-The man Comes Around/17 TOXPACK-Wanted Man/18 REGULARS-Ring of Fire/19 VORTEX-Jackson/20 SWEET POISON-The Ways of a Woman In Love/21 THE GET-OUTS-I Walk the Line/22 SUBCULTURE SQUAD-Thirteen/23 SUPERACTION-I Will Rock N Roll With You/24 FOR THE FAME-I Still Miss Someone/25 BADLANDS-Get Rhythm/26 CONFUSE THE CAT-Devil's Right Hand/27 RAZORBLADE SMILE-San Quentin/28 RIOT COMPANY-There You Go/29 BARRY LEWIS-Hurt

A good collection of fairly unknowns, and you know I love stuff like that......wish they might have included Social Distortion's amazing version of "Ring of Fire", it is really GREAT, but, it occurs to me, that I have not ever (I don't think) done a comprehensive Social D, I've made a note.

Meanwhile, thoughts on this effort? I find it creative and interesting, maybe not a piece of musical genius, but certainly worth giving a listen to.



  2. Thanks! Only a bummer that track 11 - 29 are 'read only', but never mind.