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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Scott's Garage Fuzz Blowout, Part 6

(scott)-Doing this alphabetically cause it's the easiest way, we are up to letter "F", and there is a WHOLE
BUNCH more to come your way.....this is great shit, and please do not miss it....DO NOT ask for these in 2019, even if I have them handy I will not send them to you, I will laugh at and make fun of have been advised!

VOLUME 6-01 FABS-Dinah Wants Religion/02 FABS-That's the Bag I'm In/03 FABULOUS FOUR-Rotten Rats/04 FABULOUS PHAROAHS-Hold Me Tight/05 FALCONS-I Gotta See Her/06 FALLEN ANGELS-Bad Woman/07 FE FI FOUR PLUS TWO-I Wanna Come Back/08 FEVER TREE-I Can Beat Your Drum/09 FINNEGAN'S WAKE-Situation Sad/10 FIRE ESCAPE-Love Special
Delivery/11 FIREBALLS-Groovy/12 FIVE AMERICANS-Slippin and Slidin/13 FIVE MY FIVE-Hung Up/14 FLIES-I'm Not Your Stepping Stone/15 FOUR OF US-You're Gonna Be Mine/16 FOWL-You Know/17 FRANTICS-Just For a While/18 FRENCH CHURCH-Slap neck 1943/19 FRIARS OF YOUTH-Sparrley Manurpuss/20 FRONT LINE-Got Love/21 FRONT PAGE NEWS-Thoughts/22 FUGITIVES-Blowing My Mind


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