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Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Kids

Ohhhh, I guess I can't resist that early 80's new wave/power we have a FINE album from The Kids, their self-titled 1982's a good one, almost each track seethes that early 80's saccharine-sweet sound, all those synths, those oddball vocals, those jerky rhythms, all the stuff that made obscure early 80's new-wave pop it's own special genre, and it REALLY is.......I bet VERY few of you know this album, but it is a kick-ass synth-pop effort, nearly every track is groovy as fuck......I don't know if these chaps ever made another album, (and, well, frankly.....) but this is a fab period piece, a wonderful representation of early 80's new-wave's great, you will LOVE it!

THE KIDS-01 I Needed You/02 Do You Want Me/03 She's Mine/04 Everybody's Girl/05 Finer Things/06 Too Many Days/07 Victim of Hypocrisy/ 08 Show Me/09 Your Eyes/10 Roses on Monday/11 He's Number One

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