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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A deluxe Reissue of a classic 1990's release

(scott) sent to me from the archive of John N, yes, Oasis' "Be Here Now" was on of the classic albums of
the 90' it has been released in a deluxe three disc version, actually haven't checked it out yet, but I DO know that this is a classic album and bonus tracks, etc, are going to be welcome.......let's just all be careful and not mention this bands name, as they have a rep of being somewhat of dicks.......but until then, it'll be here until, well, it's not here any longer.....a great band they were, for a short while (I consider "What's the Story Morning Glory? to be their ultimate, it's a fabulous album (is IT out in deluxe? I don't know), but "Be Here Now" is damn near as good.......this was a brilliant band whose drug habits and whatever other issues destroyed them creatively, but they absolutely put out a few albums that rocked the mid-90's like a MOTHERFUCKER......and we ALWAYS love fleshed out/deluxe versions of the classics, at least I do......on this one, I would recommend acting quickly, this band seems kind of like the sort of pricks that would whine about stuff like this (even though their moment is over and they ought to be GLAD  for the publicitiy, but nevermind) here it is, it's great, and I can't emphasize enough, I'd act quickly if I were interested.

BE HERE NOW D1-01 D'You Know What I Mean/02 My Big Mouth/03 Magic Pie/04 Stand By Me/05 I Hope, I Think, I Know/06 The Girl In the Dirty Shirt/07 Fade In-Out/08 Don't Go Away/09 Be Here Now/10 All Around the World/11 It's Gettin' Better (Man!)/12 All Around the World (reprise)

BE HERE NOW D2-01 Stay Young/02 The Fame/03 Flashbax/04 (I Got) The Fever/05 My Sister Lover/06 Going Nowhere/07 Stand by Me (live)/08 Untitled (demo)/09 Help! (live)/10 Setting Sun (live)/11 If We Shadows (demo)/12 Don't Go Away (demo)/13 My Big Mouth (live)/14 D'You Know What I Mean (NG's 2016 Rethink)

BE HERE NOW D3 (All Tracks Mustique Demos)-01 D'You Know What I Mean /02 My Big Mouth/03 My Sister Lover/04 Stand By Me/05 I Hope, I Think, I Know/06 The Girl In the Dirty Shirt/07 Don't Go Away/08 Untitled Instrumental/09 Fade In-Out/10 Stay Young/11 Angel Child/12 The Fame/13 All Around the World/14 It's Getting Better (Man!)


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    1. show some PATIENCE.....jk, here they are!

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