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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Shana Falana

(scott) I always do like to include something that I have never heard before (and as long as John N is in my
corner, I should never run out of stuff like that).....Shana Falana is a New York Shoegaze band that I found pretty interesting based on this new album (2016, "Here Comes the Wave") know my rap about new albums, so beware, etc, but this is worth your time.....a sort of heavied-up Mazzy Star, perhaps, hypnotic, trippy songs, I like the entire album quite a good deal........hope you do to, but this one gets filed in the memory bank for when I consider my year end top 20 albums.......yes, I think it might be worthy, although, to be honest, there have been a shit-ton of good albums that have come out this year......all you gotta do is LOOK FOR EM, and THIS, my children, is the place to search!

HERE COMES THE WAVE-01 Shaanadaar Bacche/02 Cool Kids/03 Cloudbeats/04 You Did/05 Where R U/06 Lie 2 Me/07 Brainy Fox/08 Castle Kids/09 Ocean/10 Cool Kids (single version)

Just listened to the whole thing while writing this........tremendous album, to me, this is the sound of rock n roll in the 2010's........maybe that's just me, but this is a damn good album, and rock n roll is NOT dead, again, you gotta LOOK FOR IT, and the place you look? Right here, children, right here!

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