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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


OK, I'll admit I don't know this band, sounds like I should, but I don't......this is the third album from the French punk combo's pretty decent, fairly standard punk with the French punk bands, synthesizers are fairly prominent, but it does rock, and you may like classic or anything, but everything doesn't have to be. Worth a spin for punk fans. Thanks to John N for this submission.

EMPIRES OF SHAME-01 Dreams, Laws, Rights, and Duties/02 Just Wanna Hide/03 Excess/04 Empires of Shame/05 Arrows of Arrogance/06 Mother Earth In Rags/07 Cause You Ran Away/08 Even With the Pills/09 Minimal Wife/10 No Place



  2. it RAWKS! Powerful and potent songs that yield a brutal post-punk sound. Just imagine WARSAW meet WIRE meet the FALL and you will already have a good idea of their musical universe.