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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Starting off with a gem: "Last of the Garage Punk Unknowns"

(scott) this was a submittal from John N, (SUBTITLE:  American Teenage Garage Hoot! 1965-1967)......there are, I guess, also a few differences from the first release, which are summarized HERE: 

NOTE:  These links contain the individual full-on LPs with all tracks from each of the 8 LPs except for Vol. 5, which I don't have separately, and only have as the compilation 2-disc combo when the company reduced Vol. 5 by 2 songs to allow Vols. 5 & 6 to fit onto a single CD.  The two missing songs from Vol. 5 are track 7, Purple Virus - "The Law of the Jungle," and track 15, The Fatigues - "Rooftops," which, based on youtube listens, were probably the least of the songs.  Regardless, there are 120+ ace slabs here.

Great fucking stuff on here, just stellar.......a good companion piece to the "Garage Fuzz" series we've been posting of late........again, ANOTHER great submmittal from John N, the lord of the link universe........everyone here oughta LOVE this one, here are the track breakdowns by album:

VOLUME 01 THE BUTTONS-I've Been Lookin'/02 THE COLONIALS-Crawdad/03 SONIC-Lyne Last Time/04 THE PASTELS-Mirage/05 ELECTRIC SENSATION-Mary/06 THE JUVENILES-I Wish I Could/07 THE KRELS-Psychedelic Feeling/08 THE INFINITIVES-Thousand Tears/09 THE ES SHADES-Never Met a Girl Like You Before/10 THE EXPRESSIONS-One More Night/11 THE DIRT MERCHANTS I Found Another Girl/12 THE OTHER SIDE-What In the World/13 THE VANGUARDS-What's Wrong With You/14 THE JOLLY BEGGARS-The Last Step of Doom/15 THE CONTINENTALS-Gloria

VOLUME 2-01 OUR GANG-Careless Love/02 THE INFINITIVES-Heidi/03 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-Got Love If You Want It/04 CATSANOVAS-I Want To Be Loved/05 THE PROPHETS OF OLD-Just Can't Wait/06 ALAN BURN & THE USHERS-Whirlpool/07 RONNIE & THE POMONA CASUALS-I Need Your Lovin'/08 CASUALS INCORPORATED-I Realize/09 FREEDOM FIVE-To Save My Soul/10 HALF PINT & THE FIFTHS-Loving On Borrowed Time/11 THE END RESULT-Llove/12 THE VANDALS-Your Love Will Die/13 THE ROYAL COACHMEN-I Don't Need You/14 THE DIRT MERCHANTS-Do What You Want to Do/15 THE EMPTY STREETS-You Can Make It

VOLUME 3-01 THE SHADE-All Is Gone/02 THE YOUNG STRANGERS-She's Gone/03 THE ROGUES-Opportunity/04 THE TEMPOS-All That I Really Want/05 THE IN-SET-They Say/06 SKIP ELLIS-Ice Cube Girl/07 THE FATHOMS-Down to the Sea/08 THE TORQUES-It's Me Not You/09 THE KINETICS-Little Girl/10 APOLLO'S APACHES-Boss (Be Good to Me)/11 THE VESPERS-Will She Love Me/12 THE IMPALAS-Mass Confusion/13 THE POVERTY FIVE-Just Like Me/14 EDDIE DAY & THE NIGHT TIMES-How to be a Musician/15 THE EDGES OF WISDOM-That Lonely Road/16 THE HERD-Things Won't Change/17 THISISIT-Needles and Nightmares

VOLUME 4-01 THE ZOUNDS-Me and My Girl/02 THE VESPERS-Girl Girl Girl/03 THE RYELLS
COMBO-Only As Long as You Want It/04 THE JAZZMASTERS-Walkin'/05 THE TORTIANS-Vibrations/07-THE FIVE COUNTS- Going Away From You/08 THE COURIERS-My baby Doesn't Love Me Anymore/09 SKIP ELLIS-You're Bad/10 THE LAST IMAGE-Leaving You/11 THE HENCHMEN-Say/12 THE CAVALIERS-Checkmate/13 THE MYSTICS-I Don't Want to Go/14 SOUND CARNIVAL-Dreams/15 THE BLUE VISTAS-Four Inches Above the Knees

VOLUME 5/6-01  THE THUNDERBIRDS-Hey Little Girl/02 THE KINETICS-You're Gonna Miss Me/03 THE EDGES OF WISDOM-The Past/04 THE FRENCH CHURCH-Slapneck 1943/05 THE SYMBOLS-Give Me Time/06 THE SCURVY KNAVES-It's Not Like That/07 THE SONSETS-Oh! Look What You've Done/08 THE LIV'IN END-She's a Teaser/09 CAESAR & HIS ROMANS-Black Lantern/10 THE EBB TIDES-Little Women/11 THE DAGENITES-I'm Gonna Slide/12 THE NEW CORVETS-Goin' Away/13 THE FOUR KEYS-One Way Street/14 THE PLAGUES-Point Blank/15 CAEDMAN & THE NOBLES-More Than a Kiss/16 THE STARFYRES-Captain Dueseldorph/17 THE UNITEDS-Lucky End/18 THE GREY STROKES-The Ballad of Tarzan/19 THE FUZZTONES-We're In Love/20 THE TORMENTS-I Love You more Each Day/21 SIR KENNETH & THE YORKSHIRE COACHMEN-Set You Free/22 THE DRUIDS-Too Shy/23 THE NIGHT CRAWLERS-Let's Move/24 THE RIOTS-You're My Baby/25 THE SIRES-Come to Me Baby/26 THE ESQUIRES-You Got Another Thing Coming/27 WET PAINT-If I Don't See Her Tonight/28 JONATHON WITH ORCHESTRA-The Mummy

VOLUME 7-01 THE NOMADS-Time Remains/02 THE PULSATING HEARTBEATS-Annie/03 THE GREMLINS-Everybody Needs a Love/04 THE LAST IMAGE-She's On My Mind/05 THE PLASTIC MENAGARIES- Please Come Back/06 THE GLASS MENAGERIE-Natasha/07 THE FRENCH CHURCH-Without Crying/08 PRINCE & THE PAUPERS-What More Could I Say/09 THE KINGS RANSOM-Without You/10 THE TIME TAKERS-Don't Turn Away/11 THE STRATACASTERS-Can't Go On Without You/12 THE PASTELS-What Can I Say/13 THE SHAKLES-Just Looking For You/14 THE SCURVY KNAVES-Gypsy Baby/15 THE NEW RUMLEY INVINCIBLES-Living With the Birds

Stay Away/04 THE HENCHMEN-She Still Loves You/05 THE NIGHT WALKERS-Stix and Stones/06 THE TIME TAKERS-Love Me Like You Did Before/07 THE NIGHT RIDERS-She Won't Miss You/08 THE WHITE ANGELS-But He Never Comes Back/09 WE THE PEOPLE-Always Lies/10 THE DOMINIONS-I Need Her/11 THE SAXONS-The Way of the Down/12 THE SONICS-You Don't Hear Me/13 THE MYSTICS-Orphan/14 THE VACANT LOT-Hey Baby/15 THE SQUIRES-Why Oh Why

Simply a tremendous set, almost complete obscurities... as I said before, consider it a companion to my on-going Garage-Fuzz posts, this stuff is PURE FUCKING GOLD, and I hope everyone appreciates it.....Nugget rock is the FUCKING SHIT, and thanks to John N 1000000x over for this one, it is fantastic.....nearly EVERYONE out there would want this, I'd think, this is one of those "don't ask me for this in three years" things, it's here, NOW, get it, this is phenominal music!


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  2. Thank you, good sir. I have the first four, but glad to add the next four in this series! - greg

  3. WoW!
    These are some of the greatest comps ever!
    Thanks for posting !