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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lowrider/I Are Droid-GREAT submission from Studkid

(scott) my young foreign stoner/hard rock correspondent Studkid comes up with some amazing stuff from
time to time, this is another one......both of the bands here I am somewhat familiar with, as I remember, they (especially Lowrider) are fucking excellent.......his description does it all justice, I basically agree with his evaluation pretty much 100%......I Are Droid really DOES have a heavy-arena rock sound to them, what I have heard is pretty great as well, so this is one LOADED post, "look out you rock n rollers" as David Bowie said once, there is PLENTY of good hard-ass killer rock n roll in this share. Thanks to Studkid who ALWAYS comes through with some amazing stuff, usually of the hard-rocking variety (which is my fave in case you haven't picked up on that!)

One of all time best stoner record is for me Lowriders: Ode to Io. A tight hard melodic and popish stoner, and sadly the only one from them +a split with Nebula. The last 4 years they have played some concerts, where they was asked if new material is coming, and it seems to be next year. Can't wait.

When Lowrider run out of steam, founder/bassist Bergstrand still was writing songs.
In 2005 he run into a oldCHILDHOOD FRIEND, and with him these songs came to life.

I Are Droid - I Are Debut (2008):!GwREEB5a!CjLVczT-E0alcfUCIOUv9w

I Are Droid - The Winter Ward (2013):!j5xV2J5B!IjJNxRDkOf0bTa-v_9pS_A

I Are Droid is not stoner, but alternativ rock. The sound is so big, that I would call I Are Droid for Arena rock.

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