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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Seth Swirskey

Ok, have never heard of Seth Swirskey in my life, I was kind of intrigued by the review.......maybe it's good, maybe it isn't, I guess we will find out......I've included the review, so maybe you can understand my enthusiasm, but keep in mind, I AIN'T HEARD IT YET, so we won't know until we listen to it.......sounds pretty good though, let me know your opinion of it........

CIRCLES AND SQUARES-01 Shine/02 Circles and Squares/03 Old Letter/04 Far Away/05 Let's Get Married/06 Trying to Keep it Simple/07 I Loved Last Night/08 Belong/09 Sonic Ferris/10 Let's Move to Spain/11 The Simplest Way/12 Temple/13 With Her Now/14 I Don't Have Anything (If I Don't Have You)/15 Abyss/16 I Think of Her



  2. If You like Power pop this guy is great. Please more Power pop Scott.

  3. Very cool power pop tunes indeed. This guy was also in a group called The Red Button which has a couple of releases. Check out his earlier album too...Instant Pleasure.

  4. This is good stuff -- still trying to find another band as good as Pugwash, but until then, thanks a lot!!

  5. Darren Cooper’s band Three Hour Tour called “Action and Heroes.” Fans of The Grip Weeds, Myracle Brah, or The Well Wishers should get this album immediately. Overall, the music is high quality power pop, and nearly every track is a compelling listen. The opener, “March of The Fakers,” is heavy with fuzz guitar riffs, war drumming, and blistering solos that wouldn’t be out of place on a Foo Fighters or GBV album. “Afterlife” is a classic rocker, and the title track is a sing-along anthem, stating “we could use another hero in this world.” The late 70’s arena rock influence (specifically Boston) is strong on the brilliant “Room with a View” and “Tonight.” “Somewhere in This World” elicits goosebumps with its minor chord structure and hook in the chorus, but my favorite on the album is The Beatles-Cheap Trick-esque “No Guarantee.” Highly Recommended! Way UP in the Top 10 list for 2015.

    And OH YEAH - - Seth Swirsky is good, too. Eager to hear this, thanks for sharing Scott (and John)