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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yes, a bit late for Halloween, BUT this is a great post

(scott) I "borrowed" this one from the fab "Paradise of Garage Comps", run by one of my favorite cavemen from Italy (!).....I just noticed the other day that he put together this AMAZING Halloween comp, aand I just HAVE to put it up, you guys will thank me, trust me.......TONS of great tunes here, if it is seasonally-inappropriate, download it anyway and we'll drag it out next year, cause Caveman put some work into this one, he's a badass, and this collection is also fucking badass.......DO NOT MISS IT, and DO NOT ASK ME FOR IT years after my death.......just fucking get it now, you will fucking LOVE it it is fucking FAB.....

Monster Sixties A Go-Go

1-1 –The Mystrys Witch Girl
1-2 –Teddy Durant The Beast Of Sunset Strip
1-3 –The Ebb-Tides* Seance
1-4 –Bela La Goldensetin* Why Do ILOVE You
1-5 –The Phantom Five Graveyard
1-6 –Murray Schafe And The Aristocrats* Tombstone #9
1-7 –Jackie Morningstar Rockin' In The Graveyard
1-8 –No Artist Halloween Convention Of Spooks Theater Trailer
1-9 –Round Robin I'm The Wolfman
1-10 –Griz Green Jam At The Mortuary
1-11 –The Grim Reapers* Two Souls
1-12 –The Connoissurs* Count Macabre
1-13 –The Madmen* Haunted
1-14 –The Vettes Devil's Driver Theme
1-15 –Terry Gale The Voodoo
1-16 –Glenda & Glen Voodoo Doll
1-17 –Baron Daemon & The Vampires Ghost Guitars
1-18 –Jim Burgett Jekyll And Hyde
1-19 –No Artist Atom Age Vampire - Trailer
1-20 –Mann Drake Vampire's Ball
1-21 –Bobby Bare Vampira
1-22 –Johnny Anderson* Zoola Zooky
1-23 –No Artist Frankenstein And Dracula - Trailer
1-24 –Peter & The Wolves  Mr. Frankenstein
1-25 –Frankie Stein And His Ghouls Dr. Spook Twist
1-26 –No Artist The Wolfman
1-27 –Gary Warren Werewolf
1-28 –The Frantics Werewolf
1-29 CHANCE Halliday* Bury Me Deep
1-30 –The Weirdos* E.S.P. Theme For Shock Theater
1-31 –Kenny & The Fiends The Raven
1-32 –The Executioners* The Guillotine

2-1 –The Invasion The Invasion Is Coming
2-2 –No Artist Plan 9 From Outer Space - Trailer
2-3 –Boots Walker They're Here
2-4 –The Quests  Shadows In The Night
2-5 –Positively 13 O'Clock Psychotic Reaction
2-6 –The Spellbinders  Castin' My Spell
2-7 –Chance Halliday* Deep Sleep
2-8 –Vic Plati Quintet The Chiller
2-9 –Teddy Durant The Night Stalker
2-10 –The Graveyard Five Marble Orchard
2-11 –Glenn And Christy With The Adventures  Wombat Twist
2-12 –Billy Ghoulston Graveyard Stomp
2-13 –No Artist The Blob - Trailer
2-14 –Johnny Fraser And The Regalaires* It
2-15 –Mr. Baseman & The Symbols Do The Zombie
2-16 –The Shandells GOGo Gorilla
2-17 –Ronnie Self Go Go Cannibal
2-18 –No Artist Robot Monster - Trailer
2-19 –The Shades  Strolling After Dark
2-20 –Jericho Jones  Black Magic
2-21 –No Artist The Mummy
2-22 –Lee Ross the Mummy's Bracelet
2-23 –The Contrails The Mummy Walk (Walking Death)
2-24 –No Artist The Werewolf - trailer
2-25 –Carl Bonafede And The Gemtones* The Werewolf
2-26 –Johnny Eager Howl
2-27 –No Artist I Was A Teenage Frankenstein - Trailer
2-28 –The Keytones  I Was A Teenage Monster
2-29 –Lord Luther & The Kingsmen (I Was A) Teenage Creature
2-30 –No Artist The Astro Zombies - Trailer
2-31 –Sonny Day And The Tony Ray Combo Creature From Outer Space
2-32 –The Sabres  Spider Walk
2-33 –The Abstracts  Nightmare

3-1 –Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors Scream
3-2 –No Artist Night Of The Blood Beast - Trailer
3-3 –Billy & The Dukes* Roland
3-4 –Al Saxon Evil Eye
3-5 –The Kiriae Crucible The Salem Witch Trial
3-6 –The 7th Court One Eyed Witch
3-7 –Dave Gardner* Mad Witch
3-8 –Ervinna And The Stylers Witch Queen Of New Orleans
3-9 –Betty Lavett* Witchcraft In The Air
3-10 –The Circus Burn Witch Burn
3-11 –Miss L. L. Louise Lewis* Monster's Bride
3-12 –Glenn Ryle Wolf Gal
3-13 –Gary Warren Midnight Rain
3-14 –No Artist Creature From The Black Lagoon - Trailer
3-15 –Evans Carroll & The Tempos The Monster
3-16 –Billy Taylor & The Tear Drops Wombie Zombie
3-17 –Jan Davis Watusi Zombie
3-18 –Terry Teene* Here Comes The Hearse
3-19 –Frankie Stein And His Ghouls Knives And Lovers
3-20 –The Blue Knights  Madness
3-21 –The Elites Jack the Ripper
3-22 –Larry And The Blue Notes Night Of The Phantom
3-23 –The Upperclassmen Cha Cha With The Zombies
3-24 –Bela La Goldstein Old Boris
3-25 –Chris Kevin* HauntedHOUSE
3-26 –No Artist The House On The Haunted Hill
3-27 –Kenny & The Fiends The House On The Haunted Hill - Trailer
3-28 –Skip Manning Devil Blues
3-29 –The Devotions* Devil's Gotten Into My Baby
3-30 –The Twelfth Night Grim Reaper
3-31 –James Duhon Graveyard Creep
3-32 –No Artist Godzilla King Of The Monsters - Trailer
3-33 –Los Holys* Campo De Vampiros
3-34 –Richard Rome Ghost A'GO-Go

don't miss this one my children, you shall be very sorry if you's a great one, and although I never obtained permission for it, I think me and the Caveman are cool enough to share each other's links......if there is an issue, Caveman, tell me, and I'll take it down......I just thought it was a GREAT post and wanted to share it with my peeps......


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  3. WoW!
    I have had this a few months, but have not added it to my new Mac, which i currently hate a lot.

  4. WoW!
    I have had this a few months, but have not added it to my new Mac, which i currently hate a lot.